Bid Solicitations

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Solicitation Description Amds Status Closing Date Closing Date Status Awarded Date Contract/PO #
2650000349 To partner with a parent training and information center or community parent resource center funded under sectons 671 and 672 of IDEA. 0 Open 04/05/2018 Original    
2650000348 RFP to provide behavioral consultation to support OK SPDG team efforts 1 Open 03/20/2018 Original    
2650000347 RFI for Reading Screening Assessments 1 Pending Award 01/26/2018 Original    
2650000345 Contract for a qualified supplier to provide ongoing evaluations for the OK SPDG III 0 Closed 12/18/2017 Original    
2650000344 Contract for SPGD Consultant 0 Closed 12/19/2017 Original    


Last updated on April 24, 2018