Bid Solicitations

Solicitations Status Description Amendments Contract/PO# Award Date Closing Date Closing Status
2650000362 Closed The Oklahoma State Department of Education (OSDE) seeks a highly qualified and experienced supplier who will be able to provide twelve (12) hours of Professional Development for fifty (50) educators on the Inquiry Design Model (IDM) for Social Studies. 0 2659017883 05/14/2019 04/30/2019 Original
2650000361 Closed The intent of this Request for Proposal is to select a qualified supplier to provide professional development to First year elementary mathematics teachers, emergency certified teachers, instructional coaches, and school administrators designed to improve and support effective and equitable mathematics instruction in Pre-Kindergarten through 5th grade 2 2659017906 06/18/2019 05/07/2019 Original
2650000360 Closed Request for Proposal (RFP) is to select a qualified supplier who can facilitate at least eight (8) and up to ten (10) workshops for a maximum of sixty (60) first-year teachers in two separate cohorts, elementary and secondary. Supplier will engage teachers in connecting theory to the practice of classroom management in Pre-K - 12th grade classrooms. 1 2659017950 06/04/2019 04/22/2019 Original
2650000359 Closed Oklahoma state Department of Education is soliciting proposals for services to support the Oklahoma School Climate Transformation grant program by providing professional development to grant staff, and selected LEA PBIS teams each summer for three (3) years. 1 2659017809 04/24/2019 02/14/2019 Original
2650000358 Closed RFP to obtain competitive proposals for external evaluation services to support the Oklahoma School Climate Transformation grant awarded by the U.S. Department of Education by gathering data, providing data analysis and assessment, and completing federal reporting data for Annual performance reports. 2 2659017733 03/06/2019 02/07/2019 Changed
2650000357 Closed Proposals for services to support the AWARE grant awarded by SAMHSA. 1 2659017819 04/26/2019 02/07/2019 Original
2650000356 Closed Supplier who can provide in-person training to special education paraprofessionals. Paraprofessionals play important roles in improving student achievement in schools. they are responsible for reinforcing and augmenting a teacher's effort in the classroom. 2 2659018044 06/28/2019 02/14/2019 Original
2650000355 Closed This is a Request for Information ("RFI"). This is not an invitation to Bid or a Request for Proposal. This RFI is to gather information only. No contract award will be made by the Oklahoma State Department of Education (OSDE) based on the results of this process. 1 N/A 12/21/2018 12/21/2018 Original
2650000354 Closed Contract for a qualified supplier that can provide training to support the Oklahoma Violence Threat Assessment. 0 2659017615 11/28/2018 11/01/2018 Original
2650000353 Canceled Request for Proposal to select a qualified supplier to provide multiple licenses to a program or software for the timely creation of behavior intervention plans for Oklahoma teachers. Pursuant to OAC 260:115-7-30(d), this document shall serve as official notice of amendment to the solicitation identified above. 0 N/A 11/26/2018 11/26/2018 Original


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