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Goals for the Oklahoma State Department of Education's student information system:
  • To provide educators and policymakers with relevant, timely and actionable data that empower them to improve student outcomes
  • To collect the least amount of the highest quality data in the most efficient manner possible
  • To protect student privacy by establishing and maintaining procedures and safeguards for the collection and use of student data

To achieve these goals, the OSDE works with local school districts to:

  1. Strengthen the data pipeline (the flow of data between the OSDE and LEAs)
  2. Improve data quality (the accuracy of the data in the state student information system)
  3. Expand data use (by providing local school personnel with appropriate access to data through tools aligned to their needs)
  4. Provide support to those who work with and rely on student data.

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In addition, the OSDE is working to increase transparency and security so that our schools, teachers, students, parents and the public are fully aware of the data the state collects, how the data are used, and what the state is doing to protect the privacy of our students, their families, and our school personnel.

Finally, the OSDE is working to reduce the overall administrative burden on districts for data reporting and certification while also allowing students’ data to follow them to new schools when their families move or change schools.

Find public data that is reported by districts and schools on the Public Records page.

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Last updated on December 7, 2022