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Anthony Purcell, Program Manager, Instrucational Materials and Tutoring Programs, Oklahoma State Department of Education


2024 Instructional Materials Content Expert Application Now Open!

The Oklahoma State Department of Education seeks applicants every year to serve as content experts for the subject cycle review of instructional materials submitted to the Oklahoma State Textbook Committee (STC) for their consideration and approval. The 2024 subject cycle is Grades PK-12 Fine Arts, PK-12 Computer Science, and PK-12 Technology Education.

Individuals selected to serve on the STC Content Review Teams will receive training to review materials utilizing a rubric adopted by the STC and will receive access to all vendor-based materials to review for the subject area they will be asked to review.

Applicants must have three years of experience within the disciplinary focus. Having a current Oklahoma teaching certificate in the content area being reviewed is encouraged, but not required.

Applications are due Friday, April 5th by 5:00 pmApply here.

Call for Substitutions

Any publisher whose bid has been accepted and has published a new or revised edition of the adoption textbook, [before the expiration of the adoption period], can submit a “substitution bid.” Publishers may submit a bid for such textbook at the time and in the manner other bids are submitted for the balance of the adoption period. Textbook Substition Bid Eligibility. The adopted edition price is mutually agreed upon by the publisher and the State Textbook Committee, but not in excess of the lowest price at which the same textbook will be sold or offered for sale for the purpose of securing a state or local selection or adoption elsewhere in the United States during the twelve (12) months. 

The State Textbook Committee approved instructional materials for PK-12 Mathematics and Early Childhood. Go to the State Textbook Committee page November 17 agenda to view or download the rubrics.
The Approved Titles for Secondary (6-12) English Language Arts and PK-12 World Languages Other Than English is now available. Click here to go to the Approved Titles table.

To support local school districts in accessing and selecting high-quality instructional materials, the Oklahoma State Department of Education provides the following support structures:

  • Robust Reviews for Statewide Adoption Lists - With the Oklahoma State Textbook Committee, facilitate a robust state-level, instructional material evaluation process with content experts in Oklahoma. Learn More.
  • Guidance and Support for District-Level Adoptions - Develop guidance and instructional material evaluation tools to support districts in selecting high-quality instructional materials that meet the needs of their students. Learn More.
  • Increased Access to Free, High-Quality Instructional Materials - Engage in projects that aim to provide free and open, comprehensive, high-quality instructional materials to districts and teachers. Learn More.

Learn more about why high-quality instructional materials matter in this presentation and this document.



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Last updated on March 1, 2024