Oklahoma State Textbook Committee

Contact Information

Shanda Finnell  Administrative Assistant, Standards and Learning




  • State Superintendent Ryan Walters, Chairperson
  • Kathryn Szallar, Congressional District 5, Vice-Chairperson


  • Jay Rotert: Congressional District 1
  • Kathryn Yarbrough: Congressional District 2
  • Jessica Lynn Thompson: Congressional District 2
  • Sonya Covalt: Congressional District 3
  • Holly Helm: Congressional District 3
  • Terry Brandenburg: Congressional District 4
  • Allison Kidney: Congressional District 5
  • Teresa Gerber: At-Large
  • Melissa Pearce: At-Large
  • Sharon Morgan: Secretary

Refer to 70 O.S. § 16-101 for more information related to State Textbook Committee membership and qualifications.

Subject Cycle

The Textbook Committee annually prepares a list of available textbooks that meet the academic criteria for Oklahoma's public schools. Due to the time and attention this process requires, the Committee reviews one or more subjects each year. 

  • Computer Education/Instructional Technology is evaluated every three years.
  • All other subjects are on a six-year cycle. 70 O.S. § 16-102; OAR 720: 10-1-2

Instructional Material Subject Cycle 2023-24

Meeting Calendars  



Math PK - 2nd: Savvas 

2021-22 - Meeting Calendar 
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Last updated on February 14, 2024